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Note: respecting our client's wish, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand name.


What happens when you optimise your organic audience for an exclusive product release? When Mily teamed up with this United Kingdom artist, we did just that, creating the brand's biggest launch yet and crushing their revenue goals. Here’s how.

Our client, a children’s artwork brand, crafts enchanting wall decals, with new exciting designs launching monthly. In the past, each launch was preceded by Instagram Stories to build hype - but this time we took it a few steps further.

With a loyal Instagram audience of ‘mums’, we saw an opportunity to leverage IG Stories and ManyChat to generate high quality leads for less.

The goal: Make it the biggest launch yet, trumping the previous best day of $18K.


Create exclusivity: We all want to feel special. More importantly, we don’t want to be left out. By understanding our eager audience of parents, we created the opportunity for them to join our 'VIP' ManyChat list with exclusive first-access to the new prints.

Create hype: After growing the VIP list, we needed to keep our audience interested in the new designs. Leading up to the launch, we ran campaigns with “first glimpse” messaging, followed by a “room reveal” creative, that grew excitement and kept them engaged.

Create urgency: Upon launch, we sent out ManyChat broadcasts, using the VIP angle to promote a limited time ‘exclusive’ discount which prompted immediate sales - $30K in one hour, to be exact.

Create scarcity: We all want the latest thing - especially if there’s limited quantity. Using targeted messaging, we were able to alert our audience to the possibility of the product selling out, which created an additional surge of conversions.

Create sales: This launch was not only our client’s biggest yet, but it smashed their previous launches, generating $70K in one day!

Create Lifetime Value: Understanding customer psychology and how to guide it can be the difference between an $18K day and a $70K day. By continuing to leverage audience motives and behaviors, alongside tools like ManyChat, we are able to generate huge returns - even from small audiences. We’re continuing to work with this brand to push the limits with every new launch.

How We Did It

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Utilised Instagram Stories to gather high quality leads (ManyChat sign-ups)

  • Built momentum with accelerated campaigns leading up to launch

  • Sent out ManyChat broadcasts with a 100% open rate and a whopping 65% CTR

  • Crafted targeted messaging highlighting exclusivity and urgency

  • Ran retargeting campaigns to generate added scarcity around limited stock products

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